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About Summit Transaction Partners

What we're all about.

Summit Transaction Partners is founded on several principle values:

  • Our clients provide the vision and we provide the roadmap to help them accomplish their goals.
  • We always look for ways to become more efficient.
  • Details, details, and details.
  • We support our partners.
  • Integrity is essential.
  • We strive to be present and mindful.
  • Life and work balance is a requirement.
  • We obsess over our clients’ success.

Summit Transaction Partners sees the unnecessary waste that is being paid to middle management to procure transaction coordination and transaction management services. While the service providers themselves are often adept, quality of work can’t be guaranteed due to an astoundingly low wage paid. In fact, over 50% of transaction coordinator fees are routinely not paid to the transaction coordinators at all leaving the management of million dollar deals in the hands of somebody making less than the new federal minimum wage.

Summit Transaction Partners guarantees that most of what the agent pays for a transaction fee is going to the coordinator managing the transaction.

About Us

Summit Transaction Partners was created to be different from other transaction management companies. Why didn’t we want to copy the same model everyone else was doing? We believe it’s flawed. We’d like to explain why we came into existence.

The first reason was to be of service to other real estate agents. We know that not everyone enjoys the handling of the paperwork required for a real estate transaction. We also know that by paying a small fee, agents can free up around 12 hours on each transaction. This allows the agent to do other important things, like selling more properties or enjoying their time off.  Life balance is important to us.

Another important reason for creating Summit Transaction Partners was to be an honest referral network for skilled and experienced independent transaction managers and coordinators. Our Transaction Managers (or Partners) are their own bosses and owners of their own businesses. They have been well vetted and have years of experience. We do not take half of their pay like some other transaction companies do. They get to keep most of what they make because we know they are also paying their own business expenses, taxes, and health insurance.

Often times, transaction coordinators have to take on more contracts than they can handle in a 40 hour work week just to make enough money to barely get by.  This isn’t good for the Partner or the real estate agent they work with. There is only so much a person can handle in an 8 hour day and not make mistakes, all while feeling underpaid and undervalued for their work. We believe in helping others receive fair and honest treatment and pay.

Our Partners are able to do half as many contracts which allows them to spend the necessary time on our agents, at no more of a cost than paying a company who takes half of the payment for themselves. Taking a huge fee from hard working people for simply recommending them to an agent doesn’t fit our values. We support the owner’s of small businesses and believe the middle man should be eliminated for so many independent contractors.

We also see a large number of For Sale By Owners. Most often, the seller wants to handle the sale for whatever reason (save money) without a real estate agent. Knowing the real estate business and its rules and regulations, we can see the value of hiring us to make sure that all of the t’s are crossed, i’s are dotted and deadlines are met while they save money and handle everything else.

Whatever our clients needs are we believe in their success and without a doubt we are here to help!

Thank you for searching us out! If you’d like to learn more about becoming our Partner either as a Transaction Manager, Transaction Coordinator, Real Estate Agent, Title Company, Lender, Service Provider, or other, please contact us. We’d love to help.