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Contract to Close

The Real Estate Contract To Close & Transaction Management service is is our most used service by our partnering agents. In the simplest terms, we pay attention and manage your file every day until it closes. We understand that you have other important tasks you do to grow a successful real estate business and life.

Real Estate Contract to Close and Transaction Management Services - Summit Transaction Partners

Summit Transaction Partners has the experience, knowledge, and skills to manage your transaction from start to close.  We understand the complex nature of the contract  process and strive to make your transactions go smoothly, efficiently, and within compliance. Our goal is to foster trust while helping you create value to your business over the long-term through our partnership.

What You Can Expect


We understand that in any successful relationship there is a requirement for clear communication and integrity. We are serious about providing excellent service to your clients and to our partners.  Some examples of our communication role includes (but is not limited to):

  • Sending Introductory emails to connect all parties and introduce Transaction Manager as part of your team.    
  • Keeping everyone informed during the transaction of all dates, milestones, and contingencies.   
  • Providing reminders (as needed) to ensure all contingencies are met (e.g: earnest money submission, etc).    
  • Ongoing Lender follow-ups: Weekly, Appraisal, Clear to Close, CD.    
  • Communication with Title: Title Docs, Improvement Location Certificate (ILC or Survey), Schedule Closing, Estimated Settlement Statements, CD, Final Closing Documents.    

File Management

Summit Transaction Partners ensures documents are fully executed without errors. We take care of document sending and receiving, organizing, as well as follow ups when there is a delay from any of the parties involved. We prepare your amendments and addenda with your provided verbiage as well as adhering to your brokerage, and or state & federal compliance requirements.  Thus, ensuring that you are covering all the bases for success and providing the best experience for your clients and for yourself.

The Benefits of Contract to Close Transaction Management

Experience and Knowledge

Real estate transactions involve legal contracts and transferring of assets worth hundreds of thousands if not million of dollars.  We don’t take that lightly.  Our Transaction Managers have spent many years in the real estate industry as educated and experienced licensed agents. We have managed  hundreds of Contract to Close transactions in many states.   We have the experience to handle whatever you need with the goal of building our trust and a long lasting relationship.

Detailed & Complete Transaction Files

While the state’s real estate division doesn’t audit everyone, our partner agents’ surely don’t want to give them a reason to.  We keep detailed records of all the transactions we are partnered with and send you the completed file when the contract is closed. Your brokerage will have its own compliance, but we also look out for you so that your brokerage receives a completed file that’s ready for their review.

Real Estate Transaction Management and Coordination Solutions for Agents and Agencies

Our clients provide the vision and we provide the roadmap to help them accomplish their goals with reliable and trustworthy attention to detail.

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