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We offer agents, teams, brokerages, private investors, and for sale by owner (FSBO’s) a variety of services to bring your real estate business or transaction to the next level. We give reassurance that your property transactions are completed with knowledge, efficiency and coordination.

Reasons To Hire Summit

Summit Transaction Partners keeps you organized and on track. We handle your most time consuming work and advocate for our partners. We’re here to handle your questions and assist with tasks that free up your time and allow you to spend it on other important tasks and duties.

Take On More Clients and Create More Income

We lessen your administrative work by reducing your workload for project and document management.

Most real estate agents within a month’s time work approximately 33 hours for each client along with about 15 hours of file management, communication, and coordination. Many of our partner agents close at least three contracts per month. This equates to spending about 100 client hours and 45 hours of transaction management and communication per month. The agent also spends about 95 hours a month on all other real estate business requirements including travel time and brokerage tasks. This amounts to about 60 hours of work per week.

Lets do some math:


The average home sale contract


Average commission rate for a buyer's/seller's agent

48 hrs

Average number of hours on a single contract

15 hrs

Number of hours spent on transaction management


Average number of contracts per month

Commission Earned per Contract:
$500,000 × 3% = $15,000 / contract
Estimated hourly Rate for Agent:
$15,000 ÷ 48 hrs = $312.50/hr
Value of Agent's time spent on
Transaction Management per contract:
$312.50/hr × 15 hrs = $4687.50
Total Value of Agent's time spent on
Transaction Management per month:
$4687.50 × 3 contracts = $14,062.50

Number of hours freed up by using
Summit Transaction Partners:

0 hrs

That's almost enough time to close an entire extra deal!

In summary, partnering with Summit frees up about 45 hours a month for our partner agents and only costs them $1200 per month. This amount is only .00024 of the purchase price with over 30% of their time freed up to conduct more business. 

When you partner with Summit Transaction Partners you actually save $12,862.50 worth of your time a month. ($14,062.50 – $1200= $$$ )

Reassurance & Confidence

Whether you are a newer agent or a seasoned professional, Summit Transaction Partners gives you the confidence that your documents will be completed correctly and within compliance. You know that you have a second set of eyes following along and also guiding the process with you. We give reassurance that items won’t get missed or overlooked. 

Our transaction partners are excellent at communicating and answering any questions along the way, but most importantly our goal is to make your profession less stressful, less time consuming, and to give you and your clients satisfying experiences.

We Have The Right Tools To Grow With You

At Summit Transaction Partners we use project management software designed to streamline the process and workflow. We work from task checklists, calendars, reminders, and will adapt to your own document creation and file management systems. We aim to make your life easier!

Summit Transaction Partners gives you more time to focus on:

  • Building relationships
  • Providing an exceptional client experience
  • Converting leads
  • Spending quality time with family and friends
  • Enjoying your hobbies
  • Living your life

Real Estate Transaction Management and Coordination Solutions for Agents and Agencies

Our clients provide the vision and we provide the roadmap to help them accomplish their goals with reliable and trustworthy attention to detail.

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